About Us

At Partners Asthma Center we are physicians, respiratory therapists, nurse educators, and pulmonary function technicians practicing together to provide the finest possible care for both adults and children with asthma. Our special services include management of difficutlt-to-control asthma, occupational asthma, and asthma among pregnant women. Some of our physicians are bilingual and can provide care in Spanish, Hebrew and Russian as well as in English.

For an appointment, call 1-800-9PARTNERS or 1-800-972-7863

Who Can Benefit from our Services?

Persons appropriate for evaluation and care at the Partners Asthma Center:

Children or adults

  • with difficult-to-control asthma
  • with diagnostic dilemmas
  • seeking a second opinion regarding asthma management
  • desiring a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to their care


Which specialist is best qualified to care for my asthma, an allergist or a pulmonologist (specialist in diseases of the chest)?

Our Answer:

Both. At Partners Asthma Center allergists and pulmonologists from some of the nations's finest hospitals practice together to provide integrated care for persons with asthma and related diseases. We offer expert care from leading authorities in the field of asthma care and research.