The Boston Asthma Centers Coalition

Partners Asthma Center is taking a leadership role in creation of the Boston Asthma Centers Coalition, a collaboration that brings together Asthma Center Directors across the city of Boston (and neighboring communities). Our Mission is:

  • to bring together the leaders of major Asthma Centers throughout Boston to share ideas and information about the practice of asthma care;
  • to work collaboratively to reduce morbidity from asthma in Boston, especially in our inner-city communities;
  • to make available our expertise in asthma management as a resource to governmental and other agencies committed to improving the lives of persons with asthma; and,
  • where opportunities arise, to cooperate in research and educational programs related to asthma.

Boston Asthma Centers Coalition is working closely with the Boston Public Health Commission to develop an intervention to reduce asthma morbidity in Boston inner-city communities. We are in the planning phase of a project to implement an Asthma Registry model to identify patients and improve their care.