Guide to Asthma

Learning about Asthma in Seven Easy Lessons

Table of Contents:


Lesson #1: What is asthma?

Lesson #2: Asthma "triggers"

Lesson #3: Making measurements of your asthma

Lesson #4: Making your home safe for asthma

Lesson #5: Treating your asthma with medicines: The preventers

Lesson #6: Treating your asthma with medicines: The quick relievers

Lesson #7: What to do for an asthma attack: Your Asthma Action Plan

Practice examples: What would you do if...?

Practice Session #1 ("The Head Cold"):

Practice Session #2 ("The Neighbor's Cat"):

Practice Session #3 ("Home Improvements"):

Practice Session #4 ("Blowing in the Wind"):

Practice Session #5: "A Walk in the Park"


Appendix 1: Defining Terms

Appendix 2: Tables of Normal Peak Flow Values

Appendix 3: Using Your Inhalers Effectively

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Guide to Asthma:
Learning about Asthma in Seven Easy Lessons

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