The Harvard Medical School Guide to Taking Control of Asthma

A Comprehensive Prevention and Treatment Plan for You and Your Family

Table of Contents:


Part I: Understanding Asthma

  • Chapter 1: What is Asthma
  • Chapter 2: Diagnosing Your Asthma
  • Chapter 3: Judging the Severity of Your Asthma

Part II: Treatments for Asthma

  • Chapter 4: Nonpharmacological Therapies: Taking Action Against Your Asthma Triggers
  • Chapter 5: Asthma Medications: The Quick Relievers and How to Inhale Them
  • Chapter 6: Controller Medications: The Corticosteroids
  • Chapter 7: The Other Controllers
  • Chapter 8: New Asthma Therapies
  • Chapter 9: Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Part III: Caring for Your Asthma

  • Chapter 10: Finding the Treatment That's Right for You
  • Chapter 11: The Many Faces of Asthma
  • Chapter 12: Special Considerations in Children
  • Chapter 13: Special Considerations in Women
  • Chapter 14: Asthma in the Elderly
  • Chapter 15: When Asthma Doesn't Get Better
  • Chapter 16: Developing Your Asthma Action Plan
  • Chapter 17: Testing Your Skills for Dealing with an Asthma Flare-up
  • Chapter18: Wrapping It Up

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