On-line Distance Learning

Partners Asthma Center is pleased to make its introductory Asthma Educators’ course, Becoming an Asthma Educator, available on-line. We intend to make this one of a series of asthma-related educational programs available for distance learning via the Internet (at www.asthmalearning.org).

Exciting videostreaming technology allows you to view the lecture slides and the speaker in perfect synchrony. You can pause and review the lecture at any time and make your way through the entire program at your own pace.

The course focuses on key concepts in the mechanisms of asthma, its diagnosis, staging and assessment of control, and treatment. A special lecture addresses the unique considerations relevant to pediatric asthma. The program includes presentations on pulmonary function testing, allergen identification and avoidance, management of asthmatic attacks, and development of an asthma action plan. Each of the 9 core modules has a series of multiple-choice questions at the end, together with discussion of the correct answers. We believe that your study of this program will help you pass the National Asthma Educator Certification Board examination and prepare you to be an effective asthma educator.

Upon completion of the 9 modules and the sample questions, you will be awarded 6 CEU credits in nursing, respiratory therapy, or pharmacy.

The cost of the program is $75, payable on-line with your credit card.

For more information about the on-lines course or to sign up, please visit our website at www.asthmalearning.org. And good luck in your quest to become an effective asthma educator.